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Welcome to Project MIRRO



Hi there!

My name is Miriam Omar and I am the artist behind Project MIRRO. I love to draw, paint and explore different techniques, mediums and styles. Currently, I live between Kuala Lumpur and Terengganu, Malaysia.

I started out as a Marketer/Business developer, who fell in love with design, but ended up as an artist. All my artworks are part of my journey in exploring all there is to explore. I don't stick to one "type" of artwork and I do what feels good to me. I write for @mirronotes too which is my way of expressing through words.

I also paint murals, run art workshops, lecture, dabble in textiles, furniture and many things! I'm really passionate about everything art and design.

Thank you for visiting my online store. I hope you enjoy my artworks and design! For more information on what I do as an artist and my blog do visit my website and follow me on Instagram @miriamomar.

Lotsa love,